ENGLISH: Abstract (– Angol nyelvű ismertető)

Magyar nyelvű ismertető (– HUNGARIAN: Abstract)

Horváth Alpár:

The Golden Section of the Universe

Corrections and Additional Materials to The Unified Fields Theory


(The whole material – hungarian version – available at: KOZLEM01.html)

(ENGLISH: Abstract ~ Magyar nyelvû ismertetõ)


I 've started to publish in serials the results of my researches of near ten years in the domain of Theoretical Physics. The first part appeared on the pages of the European Time - the independent newsmagazine - 1998/8 issue. ( 1st part put to press on 8th April 1998.):

- PART 1 -
The Divine Number
That Created a Universe

–first chapter –

The Mathematics and Exact Value of the Fine-Structure Constant